Frequently Asked Questions

Moms Need Help Too Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between a Sitter & a Nanny?
A: Regardless of the name given, all of our professional caregivers have the responsibility       to provide a safe, healthy, and reliable child care service.
     Our Sitter’s primary responsibility is to keep the children safe and cared for in their               parent’s absence. This may include playing with the children, making sure the children       are fed according to the parents' instructions, and providing for the well-being of the           children while the parents are away.  Our Nannies' general responsibilities include               undertaking most all tasks related to the children’s care. Each nanny position may have       slightly different responsibilities, depending on the family requirements, the ages of the       children, and other factors, but typically nannies are responsible for keeping the                 children’s areas neat and tidy and doing the children’s laundry, in addition to providing       attentive, high-quality childcare. Nannies may transport children to and from activities,         grocery shop for the children, and plan the children’s daily schedule.

Q: How long does the process take to place a professional caregiver?
A: Each situation is unique, and most typical placements (full or part-time) positions can           be filled within 3-6 weeks. Some factors that influence the time to place professional           caregivers are:

  • location

  • number of available caregivers

  • the response time from a family after presenting our professional caregivers

Q: Do you perform background checks?
A: We do not sacrifice the quality and integrity in vetting our professional caregivers that           work with us and our families. In addition to an extensive formal application and a

     face-to-face interview, each candidate must be over 18, able to legally work in the US,         and have a valid driver’s license. Moms Need Help Too will gain feedback from at least       3 past childcare references, check motor vehicle history, and perform a detailed                 background criminal search, alias name search, address history, social security                   verification, and sex- offender search.

Q: What is the process to begin services?
A: Our process is different from most. We begin with a consultation where we connect with       mom and family. We are able to answer all questions that you may have. The second
     meet would be with your potential professional caregiver where you will be able to view       their professional binder with all their accolades, certifications, etc. If you are                       comfortable with the professional caregiver, then the next meet will be when services           begin.

Q: Who takes care of the professional caregiver’s payments/payroll?
A: We take care of all payments and taxes, so parents don't have too!

Q: Are you hiring? How can I join the MNH2 team?

A: We are hiring for all Professional Caregivers. You can start by clicking


Q: I heard you are opening a learning center/ daycare, how do I find the website?

A: Yes, we are beyond excited! Our second business venture is almost done with                     the buildout!


     Please click our center's name to be taken to our learning center/ daycare-